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Keynote Presentations

Keynote Presentations that Refresh, Restore & Reignite

Resilience, Retention and Self-Care for Leaders™

Refreshing the workplace through agility, empathy and creativity.

Reignite the Patient Experience™

Re-energize your entire team’s commitment to becoming a 5 Star Hospital of Choice.

How to Lead in the New Normal™

Tools for agile leaders to proactively improve employee engagement and the patient experience.

Driving a Renewed Culture of Engagement™

Revive, refocus, and reignite.

Gain a Buy-In from Everyone for Anything™

Discover the 7 steps to employee engagement, education, empowerment and ownership.

Reimagining Healthcare Engagement™

How to recapture caregiver energy, ownership and buy-in.

How Hospitals Can Win Back Every Single Patient™

The 3 competencies to regain lost patient volumes and grow.

Put Brian Lee to work for you and your audience

to create a 5 Star culture of healing kindness!